Infamous Post

The idea of what he does to her. Playing with her. Toying with her. Slow groping of her chest. The way he presses her butt against the bulge in his boxers. Squeezing her hips enough to spread her cheeks. Sacred entries rubbing against their owner like an excited pet. Salivating like a passionate kiss. A hand presses against her lower back. It insists she bends over. She arches her spine to oblige. Her hands hit the bed and then wait. Her face lands softly in the sheets then waits. Her legs spread like the light sticks of an airline groundcrew guiding in an airplane. Two thumbs press against the dimples in her lower back adjusting her arch to the perfect angle. Her hips spread as the head enters. She grabs the sheet as the neck enters. Passionate thrusts rattle her center.  She pleads, “don’t stop, don’t stop”….
#humpday 05/01/2013

J Series: Conclusion

Photo by: Maskqeriade

The J Series has been some of my most passionate creations. Every element of every post had to fit into the creativity that I saw for each piece. I didn’t just pick any old letter J image at the bottom or any image cover at the top. I literally sifted through thousands of images at a time until one felt right. I looked over hundred and hundreds of letter J’s until one best matched the essence and content of the piece. To be honest I felt so strongly for this woman that all of the work placed into the J Series reflected that. Countless hours and evenings was placed into the Series because in all honesty the emotion would not stop pouring out of me. There are a total of X amount of posts in this Series that you guys see, there is still bonus material and unreleased content.  Continue reading

J Series: The End……

Photo by: DustDevilNM

Explanation: When things don’t work out with someone we are simply encouraged to let things go or move on. But what happens when one person feels stronger for the other. What happens if one feels that they will definitely see the other later on in life. I sat back one day and thought about the endings that could play out with J. In one scenario she isn’t in my life in the other she is. Either way we run into each other. Enjoy Continue reading

King Series Prelude (J Series): Invincible

Photo by: Teccizecatl

Explanation: Over the past two years I have been working myself tirelessly. Ever since I moved back to NY I have committed myself to writing, working out, and following my dreams. These commitments usually involved nights of minimal sleep that were followed by a full itinerary of events. For months the formula was simple…wake up, work, work out, write. My goals became my obsession. The idea of not living a life that I wanted was simply not acceptable. Not utilizing a gift or talent that I had was not an option. In this obsession I isolated myself. I sacrificed hanging out with friends for long hours in a library/starbucks/panera/diner. It felt awkward to club or drink, with so many things not being how I wanted. My ambition was frequently complimented by my friends, coworkers, or even complete strangers. The result of my labor was rewarded in more ways than I could have ever imagined. People really enjoyed many of my pieces. I always believed in following your dream and calling. I always believed in the harvesting of positive energy through positive efforts. But I never really answered their question of how do I do it. How do I stay up, and still manage to wake up on time? How do I cram so much in a day and still add more? A women once asked me if I was Jesus (jokingly (i hope)). And another accused me of not being human. These questions were always the topic of some discussion. I am not a super private person, but there are parts to me, that I reserve for my fear of vulnerability. I finally decided to discuss the deepest part to my vulnerability and write the hardest thing that I ever had to write. I’ve attempted to write this several times but could never actually do so, until now. Here is part of the secret to my invincibility…. Continue reading

J Series: Black Dress


Explanation: There is something about a black dress that can drive a man wild. One could call it a turn on or perhaps the perfect preview. The way it forms to a woman’s figure can tease a man’s mind even more so than lingerie. I had a dream about J. She was getting ready in the bathroom. I was reading the newspaper on the couch, waiting for her to finish. The bathroom door swung open. I looked up to see J. Instead, I saw a woman re-created. I saw J… in a black dress. Enjoy Continue reading


Explanation: I was always told that patience is a virtue. Sometimes during the course of us “talking” to someone we get wrapped up in infatuation. It’s such an innocent emotion that  can bear serious consequences. So opposed to rushing into something. I’m choosing to take things slow. (this was an actual text I wrote) Enjoy.

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J Series: Ventriloquist (J)


Explanation: Have you ever told someone something over and over again, but whatever you said just went through one ear and out of the other? And then someone else tells them the same exact thing and for whatever reason they listen. In these ventriloquist pieces I decided to do something a little different. Something that required the help of my Bruh @soul_cypher. I decided to speak to J through him, while letting him speak to R through me. This is almost like ventriloquism, except instead of throwing our voices, we’re throwing our emotions. In this specific piece @soul_cypher will be the puppet. Enjoy Continue reading